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Message Kazi Showeb Rashid

Kazi Showeb Rashid. He was born on January 1, 1973 in Dhaka to an aristocratic and traditional Kazi Family of Gopalganj. His village home is in Kurpala Village of Kotalipara in Gopalganj. Grandfather Kazi Mozaffar Hossain was the founding president of Gopalganj subdivision of Bangladesh Awami League. Father Kazi Firoz Rashid, heroic freedom fighter, eminent politician and former minister; Current Member of Parliament Dhaka-6.

Kazi Showeb Rashid completed his higher education from London after receiving his secondary and higher secondary education in a reputed educational institution of the country. Later he came to the country and concentrated on family business and social service. By working tirelessly and with dedication, he was able to gain a reputation in business and social service.

As a successful businessman and skilled leader, he served as the Director of the FBCCI and traveled abroad with the Hon'ble Prime Minister as a skilled organizer and social worker. He became the President of Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association and worked tirelessly for the development and prosperity of the film industry. He has played a significant role in the development of the society by extending the hand of donations, grants and financial assistance to madrasas, mosques and orphanages in different parts of the country and in the capital city.

In his personal life he is a pious and philanthropist. Out of deep devotion to religion, he went to Mecca and Medina and completed the holy Umrah. Kazi Showeb Rashid is the father of one son and one daughter. He is still living with his parents, wife and children as members of a close-knit family. He is a loyal child of his parents and a very personable and simple, straightforward and humble man.

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